The Best Outdoor Adventures In Florida

by Anchor Realty Jax 07/17/2019

Living in Florida provides so many opportunities due to the amazing weather that’s present the whole year through. As a Florida resident, you’ll want to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Below, you’ll find some of the best outdoor activities that the state of Florida has to offer for its residents. 

Take A Hike

You may not think of it when you think of Florida, but the state certainly has some great hiking trails. It’s probably because Florida is thought of as a flat terrain, but there are plenty of awesome loop trails that will help you get a great workout in on leg day.

Check Out The Wildlife

Florida is the perfect place to watch wildlife. From birds to alligators and other lizards, the state offers quite a few opportunities to see wildlife that’s out of the ordinary for most other places. Try checking out local state parks and hiking trails for the best shot at seeing a wide variety of the wildlife that Florida has to offer. 

Bike Your Way Around

In many parts of the state, Florida has a great variety of biking trails. It’s a great way to see more of your local surroundings. Riding a bike allows you to see more of your surroundings in detail as opposed to driving a car. Explore your Florida neighborhood from a different level by bike riding your way around. 

Go Kayaking

Going kayaking is great exercise and also an even better way to enjoy the outdoors in Florida. From lakes to rivers, there are plenty of parks and that allow you to see some wildlife, get your heart pumping, and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors by dipping that paddle. You can even try your hand at ocean kayaking which will give you the best of both worlds- the ocean and the fun of a kayak.

Go Camping

Any type of camping can provide peace and solace from everyday life. Whether you head out in an RV or get a tent and try to rough it, you’ll find peace at Florida’s campgrounds. There are spots in Florida state parks, private campgrounds, and recreation areas that are all accessible to campers of all levels. Camping is a great way to see the state as you try out different campsites and check out the scenery to help you connect with nature.       

There are plenty of awesome things that you can do in Florida to have some adventure and enjoy the outdoors. There truly is something for everyone. Fully experience being a Florida resident and get out there and go!